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Potrero #13, col. San Antonio
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

(415) 152-5421

Esencia Yoga Spa, a Registered Yoga Alliance School, was born out of the passion to share wellness. We believe in the integration of your physical, mental and spiritual health to help you achieve the optimal state of well-being and balance. This is how we created your yoga classes and spa treatments. 

Upcoming Ashtanga Workshop with Akhila Tapia

Teacher's and types of Yoga

What's New at Esencia

Upcoming Ashtanga Workshop with Akhila Tapia

Melinda Marino

Friday, May 22 - Saturday, May 23, 2015
Friday: 12p - 6:30p
Saturday 11a - 4p

Introduction to Ashtanga
Pranayama & Bhanda
Yamas & Niyamas
Surayanamaskar A & B
Alignment of standing postures
Meditation (OSHO certified)
Beginners Welcome!!

Asana Class 4:30p - 6:30p

Alignment Adjustments
Basic Adjustments
Respecting personal limits
(Especially for Teachers)
Design Sequences
Category of postures
Types of Sequences
General principles
Practice & Create
(Especially for teachers and Intermediate-Advanced practitioners)

Cost: $1250 per day