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Potrero #13, col. San Antonio
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

(415) 152-5421

Esencia Yoga Spa, a Registered Yoga Alliance School, was born out of the passion to share wellness. We believe in the integration of your physical, mental and spiritual health to help you achieve the optimal state of well-being and balance. This is how we created your yoga classes and spa treatments. 

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"When I joined the Esencia community at the beginning of August, Melinda said to me, 'Stick with this for two months & it will change your life.' Well, I'm at the end of my seventh week of doing yoga five days per week and not only do I have more energy & better quality sleep, but I'm growing muscles I never had before. Can't say enough about how much I am loving the Esencia experience!" - VB

"Katrina's evening class was fantastic. Challenging but enjoyable! Perfect demeanor for this class!" - AH

"This past month, you have reminded me how to breathe better, to be strong/balanced/flexible, which has led me to eat healthier, to stand taller, and to be better aware of improving care for myself" - RS

"At 82 years old, I have found Melinda very helpful with adapting yoga to my arthritic knees and body" - PY

"Although yoga is only 10% physical, I can honestly say I feel 100% great, and I attribute it to the known and unknown workings and benefits of coming to Esencia Yoga this past year. When I have to miss a week or two, I feel something is missing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I don't ever want yoga to not be a part of my everyday life!" - CR

"In class I feel reconnected with my body, mind, heart while paying attention to my breathing. When I finish I feel peaceful and happy for this gift. Gracias Melinda!" - MB

"When I started the hot yoga I failed to complete the class because I could not withstand the heat. Soon my body and breath became accustomed and soon it became my ally as my practice progressed" - DW


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"I love the pedicures at Esencia Spa! Erika is a true professional and does a fantastic job of smoothing all those rough spots. I would never go anywhere else. And the massage chair is divine by the way!" - TO

"Fabulous massages and facials with Erika. The BEST!" - SH

"Simply the best Pedicure I've had, Erika is fabulous and her hands are like silk!" - EN

"The Microcurrent Facial is my new weekly ritual. The results are amazing!" - LR

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